Clients come to therapy for a wide variety of reason. For some, therapy is a space to process current difficulties at work, in relationships, or in the management of stress, time, money and weight. For others, it is a place to learn how to cope with longstanding issues like depression and anxiety, or with difficulties in attention and concentration or in managing grief and anger. For many people, psychotherapy is an opportunity for personal and psychological growth.

As a psychotherapist, my role is to facilitate each client’s understanding and awareness of him/her self, relationship to others and patterns of coping with day-to-day living. Psychotherapy is a commitment to oneself and as such is best done when the client(s) is/are willing to engage in the process. This process is a journey and it occurs in the dialogue between therapist and client(s). However, as psychological issues are also stored in the body, recommendations for yoga, meditation and energywork are common and are available as part of treatment.

Please contact me to schedule an initial consultation. Sliding scale fees may be available. All individual sessions are 50 minutes in length.