Yoga Therapy Groups

Exploring the Relationship Between Mind and Body

The intention of this group is to increase participants’ awareness of how emotional issues are stored in the body and to begin to address those symptoms through the practice of yoga. Participants will begin to identify those areas in which they store pain and/or tension and will discover how this is related to anxiety, depression and other emotional and psychological issues. Participants will learn yoga poses and sequences to address these symptoms so that they can develop a personal practice to utilize at home.

This group will meet for 6 weeks and will be 1 1/2 hours in length. The first half of the session will be a group yoga class. Previous yoga experience is not necessary and yoga props will be provided so that students can access the benefits of each pose.

The second half of the group will be a facilitated group therapy discussion. This will include information about the use of yoga as a healing modality for emotional and psychological distress. Group members will also have the opportunity to share their experiences of the yoga practice, of their bodies and of the thoughts and feelings that arise during the class.

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